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Caversham Wood Carving The is the official website of the Caversham Traders Association. It has been set up on behalf of all traders in the Caversham and Emmer Green area. The website has been designed to attract people to the area and to publicise all traders, schools, clubs, charities, churches, artists, local events, news and history of the area for the benefit of all who live and work in Caversham and Emmer Green.

The website has had up to 20,000 visitors to it in a month and it has become a source of local information for the media. Keep your trade local by supporting local traders and events.

The features of the website are:

  1. Trade listings from the left menu and from the Search page provided to traders in the area for FREE. If your business is not listed then click on the "register your details" on the search / results page and when registered add your trade details for FREE. If you know of any businesses not listed then tell them how to get a free listing.
  2. Premium trade listings at a cost of only £50 a year, the funds of which are all used for the promotion of Caversham and Emmer Green by the Caversham Traders Association. Premium listings gives traders their own page which they can edit at any time, at a cost of only £50 a year. Included in this cost, Edge Impact Websites will build this page for you and do changes to it for free. Payment can be made online, by bank transfer or by cheque, details of which are on the business page when you login.

  3. Events in the area, personal and business, can be added by anyone for FREE by going to the Events page and clicking the link to add.

  4. Local News items can be added to the site by submitting them to

  5. Special offers from local traders are displayed on the Special Offers page. Traders who have an Premium listing can have their special offers published for FREE, simply email them to specifying the details and the start and end dates if there are any.

  6. History pages provide some insight to the history of the area. If you would like to submit any information about the history of the area please send it to

  7. Useful Links page provides links to many local groups such as The Caversham And District Residents Association, Caversham Globe, the local NAGs, councillors, our local MP Rob Wilson, and more.

Do you have any ideas for the website to promote the local area of Caversham and Emmer Green? If you do then please send suggestions to or contact Edge Impact Websites via the Contact Us page.

Keep trade local by supporting your local traders and events.

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