The Caversham Traders Association

There is a strong sense of community amongst the business owners of Caversham, and the flourishing Caversham Traders Association (CTA) works hard to make living, working and shopping in Caversham a pleasant experience.

Our aim is to attract shoppers to the village and support initiatives to improve the general appearance of the area. Over the years, the CTA has successfully lobbied local government and MPs over issues such as crime, street lighting and town planning. In our efforts to keep Caversham safe, we maintain strong links with the local police, as well as local residents associations and safety forums.

The CTA markets Caversham in a variety of ways. With over 2,500 followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we work hard to use our social media presence to promote our members' businesses. And one of our greatest achievements was the creation of this Choose Caversham website, which aims to be the definitive guide to the area for both locals and visitors alike. In our bid to stay ahead of the game, we are delighted to have completely revamped the site in 2022.

Want to Join Us?

The CTA is open to anyone that owns a business that is registered (or has premises) in the Caversham and Emmer Green area. This includes businesses to the south of the river, up to the railway line, such as in Caversham Road and off Richfield Avenue. We’re proud to boast a wide and varied membership that includes retailers, solicitors, consultants, artists, restaurateurs, accountants and many people who run small businesses from home.

There is no membership fee. We are funded by revenue from the Choose Caversham website. Our monthly meetings are a great way to find out what is going on in Caversham, put forward any ideas or concerns you may have, and to network with fellow traders. There is a lot of business that can be done between ourselves!

If you’d like to receive invitations to our meetings, then please introduce yourself by email at [email protected].

Want to List Your Business On This Website?

If you qualify for CTA membership then you can list your business on the Choose Caversham website and you can support our work and get much better exposure by signing up for a verified premium listing.

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