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Real Meat Whitings
20 Coldicutt Street

Tel: 0118 947 2048

[email protected]


If you are looking for fantastic tasting, additive free meat from farms operating to the highest welfare standards, then you've found it and it's right in the heart of Caversham!


When we started to rear Real Meat chickens back in the '80s, they were the first "modern" free range table bird - grown free range and without medication. Our focus of welfare, freedom from drugs and special breeds chosen for leg strength and flavour make this a sensational product.

Our special chicken breeds deliver a superb, rich flavour. The carcase will make serious stock or soup.

Genuine pasture rearing and choice of traditional breeds are just two of the many factors which make our beef so special.

We sell the following cuts of beef: sirloin steak, rump steak, rib eye steak, topside roast, beef roast, fore rib roast, brisket, silverside roast, top rump roast, mince, braising steak, shin of beef and skirt.

Choose between tasty pork loin chops, succulent pork fillet, butterfly chops, lean loin steak, leg steak, rib chops, budget belly slices, breadcrumb coated pork schnitzels and traditional leg of pork.


The traditional favourite. The breeds, the pastures and the farming methods bring flavoursome lamb all year round. We sell leg of lamb, shoulder, rack, boned and rolled breast, chops and noisettes.

We also sell handmade sausages, burgers, barbecue meats, bacon, gammon, ham turkey, duck and geese.

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