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Allergy Aware Kitchen Limited
10 Briar Close
10 Briar Close

Tel: 0118 907 6888

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Is your Organisation Food Allergy Aware?

Are you a Restaurateur, Cafe Owner, Gastro Pub, Brasserie, Caterer or Deli?

Then you should be Allergy Aware. Let us help you

This 6 hour training course gives you the knowledge to be able to ensure your organisation complies with the new food allergen regulations prior to their enforcement in December 2014. It will also provide you with everything you and your staff need to know to transform your food service and kitchen processes, and the opportunity to cater for the needs and requirements of food allergy guests. Click to see our current Special Offer giving 30% off.

Our course content includes:

  • Developing an understanding of Food Allergy, Food Intolerance, Coeliac Disease & Anaphylaxis
  • Prevention of allergen cross contamination
  • Information and guidance, helping you comply with the new food allergen law
  • Implementing control measures
  • Auditing your kitchen storage facility
  • Learning assessment

Key Benefits:

  • Increased allergen awareness
  • Prevention of incidents and risk for your organisation
  • Capability to implement internal processes and procedures for regulatory purposes
  • Compliance with the new Food Allergen Law (EU1169/2011)

Who should attend?

  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Executive Chefs / Sous Chefs / Cooks
  • Kitchen staff
  • Front of house staff
  • All other staff involved in your food service organisation

Training can be an "Open Course" or "Tailored" to your business requirements on your premises. Just call us on 0118 907 6888 or email us for advice.

Additional Services

  • Company certification for your food service organisation
  • Development of FreeFrom Menu choices
  • Supplier Audit
  • Help with sourcing of healthy freefrom foods
  • Industry news

Please contact us on 0118 907 6888 for more details or email [email protected]

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