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Goldcrest Travel is a truly independent travel agency. Being independent and owner operated quite simply means that our clients are offered the holidays that are right for them which isn't always the case with many high street agencies.  Many of the holidays that we create are quite spectacular. Anniversaries and Honeymoons often fall into that category but we also sell many more straightforward holidays but always through similarly independent and specialist tour operators.

The continent of South and Central America has become a very popular destination with our clients and interestingly the small and beautiful country of Costa Rica is one of our best selling destinations. Ask us why this place is such a hit with our clients.


Argentina is a vast country that offers so much. From the sophisticated city of Buenos Aires venture further afield to explore the glacier region in the south, the lake district in the west and the wine growing region further north. And end with a few days at one of the worlds most spectacular natural sights, the Iguazu Falls.

Peru offers an opportunity of experiencing ancient and spectacular Inca structures the most famous being that of Machu Picchu hidden for centuries in the Andes mountains. But Peru also offers wonderful experiences into the Amazon rainforest as well as thought provoking trips to see the Nazca Lines mysteriously carved into the desert but for what reason?


Africa is another wonderful continent and not simply for those wanting to experience a spectacular safari.

Blue footed booby

South Africa is quite simply our best selling destination. It offers hotels that can be considered some of the very best in the world. But then it also has properties with fewer than 10 rooms which might be owner managed and deceivingly called  guesthouses!

Let us tell you about this special country.

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