St Martin's Catholic Primary School

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St Martin's Catholic Primary School
Pendennis Avenue
Caversham Park Village

Tel: 0118 901 5544

[email protected]

St Martins pupils playingSt. Martin's Catholic Primary School is Voluntary Aided, smaller than the average primary school and serving the parish of St. Michael's, Sonning Common. We are very much a 'family' school describing ourselves as being 'small but beautiful'. The majority of pupils come from surrounding homes in Caversham Park Village and Emmer Green. A smaller number of children commute from Sonning Common, approximately three miles from the school.
We have very distinctive aims clearly understood by all who work in the school, from the very young to the not so young!
Our Mission is to look to Christ as our leader. In order to achieve this we aim to:-
Put prayer, worship and liturgy at the centre of each child's experience;
Foster real links between home, parish and school as well as the wider community;
Strive to ensure that our curriculum is based on Catholic and Christian principles where all children can grow in knowledge, skills, attitudes and values;
Ensure pupil's personal experiences within the school have a positive influence on their understanding of relationships;
St Martins pupils playing musical instrumentsEnsure all members of the school community are respected and valued.
We have high aspirations and support one another in achieving them. We praise and celebrate successes both in school and beyond.
You are most welcome to come and visit our school and see us working. We are recognised as a warm, caring and friendly hard working team, enjoying a creative and exciting curriculum together.
Madeleine Cosgrove

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