Running Coaching and Sports Massage in Reading

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Running Coaching and Sports Massage in Reading

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Meet Alexa

I am a running coach, soft tissue massage therapist and nutrition adviser who's passionate about helping other improve their health and fitness.

I'm a keen runner; having moved from road running to off road and I love being on the trails in the countryside. I enjoys pushing the limits into Ultra distance events, as well as working to get better at Mountain Biking and Snowboarding. 

Having never liked sport at school and never got picked for teams I found I love running not through a competitive streak but as a mental and physical release to help balance the stresses of life and work.

Running Coaching 

As an experienced coach and runner I can help work individually with you to improve your running, aim for a target event or increase your distance. 

Soft Tissue Therapy & Sports and Remedial Massage  

I work closely with you to treat pain, niggles, aches as well as sporting injuries with massage techniques, to help you achieve your aims for life as well as sport.

Nutrition Advice

Whether you want to lose some weight or find out more about how to support your training with the right nutrition I can help guide you to a healthy diet.

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