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Caversham & District Residents Association (CADRA)
Planning, A Safe & Healthy Environment
Traffic & Transport, Conservation
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CADRA's philosophy "Caversham should be a great place to live"

Our aim is to "preserve and enhance the quality of life in Caversham and the surrounding District".

We resolutely avoid party political bias.

We follow, comment on and are involved in local issues that concern our members, these include: local planning and licensing applications, traffic and transport, conservation projects, environmental concerns and ensuring our neighbourhood is a safer place.

CADRA works closely with Reading Councillors and Officers, other local groups, the Police, local businesses and individuals.

Our website has the latest news about these issues and other useful local information, as well as links to relevant detail on local and national websites. In response to the pandemic we set up a web page of current useful local information and links, which has been very well received.

if you also care about or are interested in the issues we are then why not become a member. Whilst we are grateful for the active support and knowledge that some members are able to provide, just by joining you can strengthen our voice in the community.

As a member we send you a monthly roundup of the current issues we are concerned about.

New members are warmly welcome —
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