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Frangipani Home
21 Church Street

Tel: 7707470336

[email protected]

Frangipani Home – Décor for Sustainable Lifestyles


Inspired by our love for the tropical lushness of Bali, Frangipani specialises in a range of hand-crafted home furnishings and home accessories designed for sustainable lifestyles.

Our range includes occasional furnishings fashioned from reclaimed teak and rattan, and epitomises iconic interior design elements in natural rustic and tropical styles, beach-chic and vintage Boho. 

Ethically sourced in the Indonesian islands of Bali, Java and Lombok, our products exemplify the creative artistry for which the crafts men and women of the region are renowned. We specialise in sourcing products made of natural materials - wood from sustainable forests, rattan, seagrass, river-stone and water-hyacinth – all fashioned with love and respect for the environment.

In addition to helping individuals style their homes, we work with event companies, visual merchandisers, stylists and interior designers to support their design concepts.

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