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Caversham Round Table

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Caversham Round Table

Caversham Round Table picturesCaversham Round Table is for men aged 18-45 years.  We are part of the International Round Table members organisation which has clubs in over 65 countries. Round Table is all about seeing friends, having fun and getting involved in our local communities.

Here in Caversham, we do things like archery, bowls, day-trips, micro-lighting, slot-cars, wine tasting, hover-crafting, brewery trips… last year we had our 40th year re-union party!  We get involved with local projects and charities – such as the Caversham Festival, clearing the Royal Berkshire Hospital gardens, Fireworks displays, as well as street collections (such as Poppies, Children in Need, Air Ambulance).  All money raised is given out to various charities, local projects or even families in desperate times.  We meet twice a month; our more formal meetings are at Sonning Golf Club.

The energy that people bring to Round Table is what makes it; we encourage our members to be pro-active right from the start. We always welcome new members so if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please contact James Richardson on 0118 986 9552.

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