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Hilton Skin Clinics
Peel House
9 Church Road

Tel: 0118 946 4333

[email protected]


Skin is our passion at Hilton Skin Clinics. We use some of the most advanced clinically proven cosmeceuticals and products in the industry and offer advanced aesthetic treatments, including Botox, skin rejuvenation, non surgical facelifts, laser hair removal, acne treatments, laser tattoo removal and much more.

Our treatments are tailored towards your skin needs and we’ll only ever recommend treatments and procedures that we believe will get you the results you want. Each treatment will involve in-depth analysis of your skin and we’ll continue to analyse your skin if you book a course of treatments, so that we can achieve the best possible results. Please contact us for a free consultation and 2D/3D skin health check.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Fillers
We have a fully qualified advanced aesthetics nurse practitioner on site and offer face to face consultations for wrinkle reducing injections, jaw defining treatment with Botox, dermal filler treatments and facial sculpting with injectables.

Laser 360 Anti-Ageing Package
This package includes four technologies and treatments administered over a period of 60 days to reveal smoother, firmer and more radiant-looking skin. Rejuvenate and revitalise your appearance. See fine lines, wrinkles and skin discolouration disappear before your very eyes in just 60 days.

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal
This works by focussing a laser beam at the base of each hair follicle. The light from the laser is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the hair follicle and helps to halt and prevent further hair growth. The rate of hair growth will decrease the more treatments you have and the more the follicles are damaged. The hair also must be in the right part of the hair growth cycle for treatment to be effective, which is why a course of treatments are recommended.

Laser Tattoo Removal
This is a relatively simple procedure that can be used when you have a tattoo which you now regret. The treatment works very simply with lasers breaking down the pigment within the tattoo and lightening the skin to minimise the appearance of the tattoo. With repeated treatments, tattoos can vanish completely.

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