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Robin James Opticians
44 Church Street

Tel: 0118 947 2099

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Robin James Opticians is a family run independent opticians, serving the local community with high quality eyecare.

We use the latest optical equipment and provide thorough NHS and private eye examinations.

There's much more to an eye test at our practice than checking if you need glasses or contact lenses.

Our fully qualified optometrist will carry out a detailed assessment of the health of your eyes, because hidden conditions can seriously affect your sight if they are not detected and treated.
We will discuss your individual needs, answer your questions and advise you on keeping your vision in the best possible condition.

Should you need glasses or contact lenses, you'll be given a full explanation of the different options available and the costs involved.
Our practice offers a wide selection of attractive frames and lightweight lenses available at very competitive prices.


We offer hundreds of attractive frames and as independent opticians we are free to select the best lenses from any manufacturer. This means we can offer you a wider choice together with a personal service that caters for your particular requirements, lifestyle and budget.

Because spectacles draw attention to your face, they can make a big difference to the way you look. That’s why it is important to wear a style which really suits you - and why we always take the time to make sure you look good in your new glasses.

Our dispensing opticians are specially trained to help you choose the right frame based on your facial shape, colour preferences and lifestyle. They will ensure that your spectacles fit properly and are comfortable to wear.

In recent years, there have been major improvements in spectacle lens technology. This means we can fit your frame with lenses that give better vision. New hi-index materials mean that your lenses can be made thinner, lighter and better looking.

Varifocal lenses are becoming increasingly popular. Because they have a gradual change in their optical power, they give better middle distance focus and have no visible lines on the lens. We also supply single vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses. Special lens coatings enhance your vision and improve the appearance of your glasses. In particular, we recommend that your lenses have scratch-resistant and anti-reflection coatings.

Contact lenses

Our practice has a wide range of soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Although not everyone is suitable to wear contact lenses, we are likely to have a design that is right for you.

If you would like to enjoy the freedom of modern contact lenses, just call us for an assessment. We will check your wearing suitability, explain the different options available, and offer you a contact lens service that gives you clear and comfortable vision at an affordable price.

Sunglasses and Accessories

If you wear spectacles you needn't miss out on stylish sunglasses. We offer a wide range of attractive designs which can be made up to your individual single vision, bifocal or varifocal prescription.

If you live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, you will be interested in our very latest UV protective plastic photochromic lenses. These lenses react quickly and efficiently to changing light conditions.

All lenses have a 100% ultra-violet protective filter and are available in many lens colours including traditional brown and grey, as well as graduated tints.

We also stock a range of accessories including magnifiers, spectacles cords and chains, and spectacle cases.

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