New Cleaning Company Opens in Caversham


Our journey as franchisee has been an interesting one .

We saw  the Zerodrytime  stand at Olympia in London in February . We were looking for a franchise to buy and loved the idea of the unique system of dry carpet/ upholstery floor cleaning .

We had a fast track day in April in Newcastle to learn about the products and, more importantly the business opportunity this franchise provided.

After we had  decided to go ahead, Simon had 2 weeks training of all machines in August.

And so our journey began back to Caversham.

On September 1st we officially launched and having lived in Caversham most of our lives wanted to focus on telling local people about our new venture.

We have delivered leaflets , posted on social media ,put posters up , told friends and family ,signed up for free workshops to learn all we can about running your own business. Joining Caversham Traders Assiciation has been a really positive thingas we have met lovely people. We feel that as a community, we can work together to spread the news about all the brilliant businesses there are in Caversham.

So far we have done over 40 jobs mostly in Caversham and the feedback has been really positive.

We are both looking forward to the next chapter of this amazing journey.

For details of Simon and Emma's company and the innovative Zero Dry Time cleaning system visit their website:

  • Published: 2018-10-24 14:06:46
  • Updated: 2021-12-01 00:19:24

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