CADRA Monthly Round-up: December 2018

St Peter's Conservation Area
The new Appraisal, which CADRA drafted, has now been adopted by the Council, so its proposals are now formal Council policy. They include its extension to include Bridge St and Caversham Bridge. You can view the full report on the CADRA website at: St Peters Conservation Area Appraisal
Our friend and long-standing CADRA committee member Liz Killick was one of the key people who achieved all this. We are very sorry to say that Liz passed away recently. The front cover of the Appraisal now carries a tribute:
"To the memory of Liz Killick, who was instrumental to achieving this appraisal"
An appreciation of Liz and her tireless work for our community will appear in CADRA's next newsletter.
Caversham sign in St Martin's Precinct
The sign is loose in its setting and has a slight wobble. It is RBC's responsibility and we are liaising with them to explore getting it re-painted by the original artist when the Council re-fixes it.
Flood Prevention
Thames Water recently held a public drop-in, to outline their preferred proposals for extensive barrier work on both sides of the river. A report on the consultation, with some useful background information, can be found at: Flood Defences Consultation Report
If you want to be added to their mailing list for this project, email them at:
reading&[email protected] 

CADRA is seeking ongoing involvement as the scheme evolves.
SSE Site, Vastern Rd
We have had a preliminary consultation with developers who want to develop this site with a high-density residential scheme, between Vastern Rd and the river frontage. It is at an early stage and we will keep you informed.
Safer Caversham
The Council, Police and community representatives have together produced a useful joint leaflet for our area called Reporting Crime and Nuisance, packed with information on how to alert them to crime and anti-social behaviour. It can be viewed at: Reporting Crime & Nuisance
St Martin's Precinct
A planning application has been submitted for extensive changes to the block between Waitrose and Costa Coffee, including new retail, a cinema and flats. While such new facilities are very welcome, we have some real concerns on design aspects and are making representations to the planners. You can view the application details on the RBC planning site at: Application No.180499 and an illustration of Church St frontage 
RBC Consultations
We would like to bring two local consultations to your attention. A consultation on a proposal to end free use of the ReadiBus service for Older Person Pass holders, which closes 19 December 2019. See: ReadiBus Consultation 

A consultation on a review of polling stations, which closes 3 January 2019. See: Polling Station Review
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