Poor air quality (AQ) in central Caversham

If any residents feel motivated enough about you or your family breathing in deadly nitrogen dioxide in central Caversham what would you do and how can you achieve it, apart from avoiding the worst areas, which are Church Street, Church Road, Prospect Street and Peppard Road near the traffic lights? 

Would some action on Clean Air Day 20 June be possible?
Could crowd funding some trees or planters for the wide pavements (Church Street,. Church Road and top of Prospect Street) e.g to replace the bollards or railings be initiated? 
Should RBC start to take official AQ readings at the problem locations which GLOBE identified and measured in 2017/2018 or would that upset the town's lower average readings derived from measurements currently being taken across other locations?
Had you heard about the anti-idling initiative before now and would you or someone you know get involved? 
Is clean air day on 20 June of interest? Could you represent GLOBE on the newly formed RBC  "Cleaner Air and Safer Transport Forum" ?

For more information visit the Caversham GLOBE website (www.cavershamglobe.org.uk) or attend the AGM on 26th June
  • Published: 2019-06-17 13:46:01
  • Updated: 2021-12-01 00:12:09

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