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The Caversham Traders Association Website
your shops, your news, your events
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Parking & Map Councillors & MP
Reading Retail Awards 2014

Love Caversham

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This website brings news and information about Caversham businesses, schools, clubs, artists and events together in one place for the benefit of both local residents and visitors. If you would like to add some local information, news or events to this site, please contact us.

Caversham has many independent shops, pubs, supermarkets, clubs, jewellers, hairdressers, banks, estate agents, a library and a lot more with free 1 1/2 hour parking behind Waitrose. Stay for a meal and choose from a wide selection of cafes and restaurants catering for every taste.

Caversham is just a 15 minute walk from the centre of Reading, Berkshire in the Thames Valley, click here for a map of the area with parking and travel information.


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