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Edge Impact Websites

Ken Good, Edge Impact
Ken Good

Edge Impact Websites - We live on the Edge of technology to provide you the Impact in the market with your Websites.

How do you choose a professional website development business?
Proven Results and Testimonials tell it all.
Please see our www.edgeimpact.co.uk/results.php and www.edgeimpact.co.uk/testimonials.php pages for the information you need for a confident decision.

The bottom line is; Does your website market your business and do you see any returns on your investment?

Make the right choice, Choose Edge Impact Websites to look after all of your website needs.

Edge Impact Websites, established in 2000, is an independent provider of web based software expertise, designed to give our clients a critical advantage over their competitors. The staff at Edge Impact work in close partnership with clients, combining innovative business focused software consultancy, with proven expertise to rapidly deliver distinctive customised solutions.

Results: One of the e-commerce systems we have developed, www.tiranti.co.uk, has over 50,000 users every month. One website we developed, www.ThakeSigns.co.uk, based in Reading, got an order from Shropshire for a NEC exhibition within three weeks of going live and which paid for the website. They have even had an order from as far afield as Holland to supply signage to Maidenhead. And this after they have had a very similar looking website on www.thakeSigns.com since 12th November 2003. We have put websites live which have seen businesses receive contacts and get orders from them within one and two weeks of going live.

Edge Impact's portfolio is extensive and impressive, ranging from small website design to large scaleable internet based e-commerce and database applications. With Edge Impact you know that your requirements can be met with the minimum of fuss and confusion. See more details on www.EdgeImpact.co.uk.

We offer various website packages to meet clients needs including a content driven options and an e-commerce shopping options, giving clients the ability to make changes to their website themselves.

Charity and helping the community: Edge Impact Websites have a committed policy of 25% discount (and occasionally entirely free) to help charities and institutions who benefit the community. Some of the websites develped to this end are:

www.caversham100yearson.org.uk – free
www.cavershamgoodneighbours.org.uk – free
www.cadra.org.uk – free original design, free hosting for many years and continuing to do so, and much reduced new design with our new content driven system recently.
www.waysandmeans.org.uk - highly discounted
www.theteakiosk.org.uk - highly discounted
And others…

If you are interested in having a website developed, have a website you want changed, or have a website which is not performing in search engines please do not hesitate to call us on 0118 947 0927 or email us at [email protected] for further information.

We look forward to being of service to you.

(Edge Impact Websites is a trading name of Edge Impact Consulting Ltd)

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