Good Advice for Halloween

Young children should never go out trick or treating without being accompanied by an adult.

Don’t knock on the doors of strangers; only go to the houses of people you know.

Never go into a stranger’s house.

Keep to well lit areas, wear bright colouring and carry a torch.

Remember road safety advice.

Take care not to frighten elderly or vulnerable people.

If a house is displaying a “no trick or treat” sign please don’t knock on the door.

Children don’t be offended if your local shop does not serve you with eggs or flour. We have been working with local stores to discourage their sale to young people.

If at any point you do feel nervous or unsafe:

Don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there. Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you decide to open your door.

Have a contact number of a close relative or good neighbour by your telephone, just in case you need to phone them.

If you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, let your co-ordinator know that you will be on your own at Halloween.  If you are a co-ordinator, please identify people in your scheme that may be vulnerable and offer them reassurance.

Thames Valley Police will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour at anytime of the year.

To report anti-social behaviour please call the 24 hour non emergency number on 101. If it is a crime in progress, call 999 immediately.

Thames valley Police have copies of “No Trick or Treat” flyers and if you would like a supply for your NHW members please contact Liz Herbert on 01865 845309
  • Published: 2018-10-23 15:08:04
  • Updated: 2021-12-01 00:19:32

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